Choosing a DotNetNuke Skin Design for your website

There are pre-made DotNetNuke skins for sale that you can purchase online or you can Contact us for a FREE DotNetNuke CMS website design assessment.

Any HTML template can be converted into a DotNetNuke skin by My-ASP.Net. We also convert photoshop format to dotnetnuke skin and can provide original creations for your website.

Please specify in your email that you require an original creation to suit your business and provide any specifications that you have. Provide company logo and preferred colors and please include any extra items that you require in a specification sheet such as DotNetNuke skin objects and their placement on the page. If you do not have a logo and would like one made from My-ASP.Net’s stock logos please include this in your email along with color preferences and company name.

Photoshop Template to DotNetNuke Skin Conversion

Submit a full sized image(s) of your photoshop document and navigation type in a specification sheet. For extensive images in photoshop format please provide the complete file or contact us for access to an ftp site for upload. Graphic Designers please note: You have to design the content area separately from the skin we advise layering the content inside the outer skin. Separate the navigation design into one top layer as well. If the navigation is extensive then separate each page navigation into it’s own set. My-ASP.Net designs the skin(s) and containers for the page but NOT the actual content area. This area is designed by the administrator of the website. Click here to learn more about skins and containers.

My-ASP.Net also requires preferences for:

  • number of containers and an image
  • css for styled container(s)
  • navigation menu(s) choices.

HTML Template to DotNetNuke Skin Conversion

You can purchase a pre-made html template online or choose a free design from My-ASP.Net html templates. DotNetNuke skin conversions also include matching containers.

Submit design changes/modifications and your menu navigation type in a specification sheet plus the template you have chosen for a free quote. Images included in the content area of html templates will be cropped and provided in a folder for you to upload to your dotnetnuke file manager.


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