The Role of Technology in Learning

The Ofsted guidance method of teaching and learning requires that teachers monitor their student’s progress effectively during lessons. This is the best and most effective way for teachers to offer assistance to students. Schools should, therefore, look for ways to ensure that students and teachers draw maximum benefit from this method.

Schools should consider technology as a possible solution. It can play an essential role in ensuring the effectiveness of the education system.

The Situation in Schools.

Currently, the system for checking the quality of education in schools is comprehensive as it tries to cover all aspects of education. It evaluates:

The expectations of teachers and staff. It is generally expected that they have the highest expectations of every student regardless of any situation a student may be facing. Assessment reports allow authorities to tweak learning methods for the benefit of students. This includes identifying disadvantaged students and assisting them appropriately to help boost their grades and achieve better performance.The feedback from teachers allows students to improve at an individual level. This, however, doesn’t apply to very young students.

Learning Methods

These methods have proven to be highly effective in evaluating and improving the performance of students. However, technology can help in boosting the effectiveness of learning in schools. In addition, technology can greatly ease the learning process. For example, students can receive simplified learning material straight to their devices from their teachers using cloud-based platforms.

Simplified learning.

Technology can make it easier for teachers to relay class information to students. Currently, most schools disseminate general information to students during class. This method is slow and it doesn’t take into consideration the specific needs of students. Technology can help teachers send class information beforehand to specific students or groups of students.

This allows the teachers to focus on the individual needs and capabilities of different students. The information can reach the students from wherever they are since it is sent to their personal devices. This ensures privacy for the students and allows the teachers to focus effectively on individual students.

Effective time management.

School IT services can even allow students to log in to school systems at any time or at any place using their personal devices. This can work very well in schools where each student is required to have their own device. It will make it easier for a struggling student to continue learning during their free time. It will also reduce the negative effects of class competition where fast learning students tend to discourage slower learning students.

Technology can also help in simplifying the current feedback system. The current system involves marking of individual scripts to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every student. Technology can be used to create audience response systems that create a fun and more modern method of learning. It can be used as an interactive program for students where they can share thoughts and opinions. Teachers can also use this system to gauge the understanding of concepts for particular students without waiting to mark a script. The teachers can then provide instant responses to students that may have an issue.

Technology in Learning

Controlled teaching.

For effective learning, it is important that teachers adopt effective monitoring methods. It can be difficult for teachers to check on each student’s books and study notes. However, modern school IT services can remedy this issue.

Technological advancements can give teachers access to each students learning device for better monitoring methods. It can help a teacher identify the issues facing particular problems and help the students remedy the issues. Teachers can create plans and solutions for individual students depending on their different levels of comprehension.

This method gives teachers greater access to individual students while boosting the student’s self-confidence.


The above are only a few ways in which technology can help smoothen the education process. It isn’t an exhaustive list but merely an indication as to the advantages of school IT services. There are many more ways to use technology to improve education.

In addition, there are affordable school IT services for any type of school. This ensures that schools spend effectively on technology. It also ensures that schools get a return on their investments in modern IT systems. It will ensure that students and teachers get the best from education and also ensure that Ofsted is satisfied when it pays a visit.

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