5 reasons to turn your attention from coding to testing

Leaders involved in digital revolution have invested a lot of money and time into coding in the past few years. This has been done with a good motive. In order to reach great heights in digital, you should have the ability to write perfect code. In addition, you need to come up with a highly responsive culture to ensure your coding is in line with the market signals and business results. You end up losing in case the amount you have spent in testing does not align with the amount you have spent in coding. Here are the major reasons.

1.One of your worst DevOps bottlenecks is functional testing
It does not make any sense if you can code fast, but fail to test that code in the same speed. You must ensure it is tested early and as many times as possible. This is necessary because it is risky to release code into production without knowing if it will serve its intended purpose. Regular code tests make sure that the correct functional testing is done at the appropriate time in an automated way.

2.Test metrics lead to valuable and shift left feedback loop
By doing the code testing fast, early and in a regular manner, you eliminate problems related to codes. In addition to this, you also create test metrics that assist you in improving your coding behaviors in a continuous manner. The metric helps in empowering you to determine weaknesses your individual developers have. They also help in connecting QA issues with certain kinds of digital transformation. The actionable metrics are vital because they help you make the right decisions regarding digital change.

3.Poor performance is failure
An important principle of DevOps is that the developers do not just produce codes. Latency is something that can make you lose your customers. Its issues are expensive to fix in the production process than when it comes to development. The good thing is that with frequent code tests, it is possible to test the performance of code before releasing it. The testing also helps you know if it is possible to resolve potential performance issues using infrastructure, more functional code or use both of them.


4.Your security is at risk
Digital security has been affected greatly by breaches with great impacts. The breaches make it necessary for cyber security to be multi-layered. Regular testing is an effective cyber security strategy because it makes it possible for you to discover and prevent potential risks in your apps.

5.Get the value of your investment
Digital transformation requires a good budget. It is necessary for digital transformation leaders to invest a lot of money that will not bring back value. Regular testing helps reduce labor cost in DevOps by making test execution automatic and moving the problem to the left. It boosts productivity by helping reduce rework rates. It also assists in preventing expensive security events.

In overall, continuous code tests can help you save a lot of money in your organization budget. Therefore, if you have not paid enough attention to the testing you need to do so to experience efficient digital transformation. It will help you prevent digital risk and boost your digital capability.

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