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Now that a majority of businesses are turning to the online market in order for them to exploit the ever-increasing opportunities that the internet provides and boost their productivity, the need to have excellent web visibility, better Google ranking and overwhelming web traffic cannot be under-estimated. Unfortunately, this is not an exercise that you can perform overnight, it requires good SEO strategies, patience as well the help of skilled and experienced SEO agent. So what are some of the common techniques used to boost web traffic?

1. Only add original content to your website: If there is one thing that Google really value in web design is originality. Regardless of how wonderful an article is, never copy it from another website and post it to your website; instead, write your own materials or hire experienced writers to do the job for you.

2. Differentiate: Sometimes the article may be too good to ignore, in that case, you can choose to rewrite it in your own words or understanding without losing the meaning and in the end of the day, you will have a unique content which you can comfortably add to your website.

3. Be up-to-date with the current stories: Readers want to be the first to learn about the new stories and trends. In order to achieve this, then you need to forecast, do thorough and regular research, use credible sources and avoid adding news that you cannot verify.

4. Be swift and updated: How efficient your article serves the purpose directly depends on your ability to add them immediately they come up, this will make sure that your readers have no reason to consider other sources(websites).

5. Catchy Headlines: The wording of an article may either catch the attention of the target audience or chase them away. It’s therefore highly recommended that you take your time, look for the best wording, make it simple, clear and straight to the point. Be sure to include the primary keyword on the headlines and other words that will draw anxiety among the readers.

6. First paragraph: Just like in normal life, the first impression of the article also matters, you, therefore, want to make sure that you communicate a lot of information as possible and at the same time be brief and direct to the point. ideally, the first paragraph should answer the why who, when or how.

7. Use proper nouns: Usually, proper knowns are more specific and directly identifies your website than general nouns. Therefore, when you have more proper nouns in the article like the name of your business or product for instance when a user keys in the word in the Google search engines, Google will definitely list your website among the first.

8. Click-through rate: Usually, if an article receives a lot of click from readers, then it will definitely attract the attention of Google which will definitely lead to SEO benefits. You, therefore, need to make sure that your articles have a lot of key points right from the headings, videos, images etc.

9. Use Multimedia: The Google index is very sensitive to materials that offer that wonderful multimedia experience. As a result, if your website has given adequate consideration to multimedia, it’s more likely to give it a competitive edge in Google ranking.

10. Make a brand: If you want to boost your reputation as a publisher or journalist, then make a brand that directly identifies you among millions of other journalists on the internet. This will be based on your competence, originality, humor, engaging content, up-to-date materials and above all hard work and consistency.

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